It was on the weekend of Thanksgiving Day when I started spending some time off from my busy schedule to be able to attend the non-stop parties happening all over L.A. What can I say, itís the season to be jolly, so almost everybody is celebrating different occasions. The undisputed queen-maker, Monet Lu, had his birthday bash last Nov. 21, the night before Thanksgiving and everybody who attended that party are still talking about how well they enjoyed the celebration. Who wouldnít? Most of the models who modeled on that sexiest Reflections ever were partying with us that evening.

The day after Gabby Concepcionís show with Cheryl Marie last Friday, Nov. 30, Alfonso Chu generously threw in an extended birthday party for Gabby at his well-decorated home in Anaheim. As usual, Gabby was very friendly to everybody, who came to join his party. One thing with Gabby, he never complains about being bothered by his fans. Even when he was in the middle of his meal, he would stand up to accommodate whoever came to approach him. It was still daylight when we left Tito Alís residence, so we didnít get to see the well-defined Christmas lights everybody was talking about.


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