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When KC met Gabby (again)
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Last updated 09:40pm (Mla time) 09/26/2006
Published on Page E1 of the September 27, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer
“I THOUGHT, ‘He’s exactly the way I pictured him to be.’ I’d known him all along pala.”
This was KC Concepcion’s description of the moment she saw her father, actor Gabby Concepcion—now based in the United States—for the first time in 10 years.
KC shared her thoughts with Inquirer Entertainment in an e-mail from Paris, where she is now in junior college.
As for Gabby ...
“He must have been just as thrilled,” she wrote. “His smile reached his eyes … that meant it was for real, right?”
In spite of the inordinate media attention, KC enjoyed her 10-day visit. As she put it, “one day for each year missed.”
The way she related it, the trip sounded like the usual “summer vacation.”
Last year, KC spent the summer acting onstage (as Belle in “Beauty and the Beast”). This year she spent it reminiscing— “appeasing some confusion” and answering some questions.
What are the highlights of your US trip?
We ate out [a lot]— Vietnamese and Japanese food. Also at Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite restaurants in the US. We went around San Francisco.
We hit the beach. We couldn’t not do that. My childhood memories of him are mostly being with him in Anilao, Batangas. Everything I know about the ocean, I learned from him.
Also, I met all my cousins and saw all my aunts and uncles (father’s side) again. That was the biggest highlight for me.
What’s his wife (Genevieve) like?
They don’t have kids yet, but his wife’s really nice. She never made me feel like an outsider. I was initially apprehensive, but she was the first to joke that it’s okay if I decide to stay with them forever! At night, I’d call my Mama (Sharon Cuneta) and she (Genevieve) didn’t mind even if I used up her phone cards! We cooked together. I’d text my Mama to ask about recipes and the best marinade for tuna.
Tell us about the “unopened letters” mentioned in your blog?
That was when my Papa didn’t know how to reach me. He wrote birthday cards and sent them all to himself for three years. Maybe he was hoping it wouldn’t be long until we saw each other again. I cried about that, of course.
What was it like saying goodbye to your Papa after the visit?
It felt good because we both knew it wasn’t a “forever” goodbye. It was just a “for now” goodbye.
Where do you two go from here?
Of course it’s no longer like before. The visit was a turning point for us. I promised my titos and titas that I’d keep in touch. My Papa and his wife hold a very special place in my heart. Even my Mama feels that things can only go uphill from here. She’s happy and she knows I’ll never leave her for anyone!
How was your mom and stepdad (Francis Pangilinan) through all this?
Since I believe things happened at the right time, my Dad and Mama were very supportive and understanding.
What did you discover about yourself after this trip?
That you can’t force things to happen. That you should know if and when you should give up the “fight.” That it takes two to tango … He told me, “This teaches you to just have faith.”
You said that the trip confirmed some things?
Just seeing him in the flesh appeased some of the confusion I had. I finally got to ask my Papa things I had wanted out of my system. Now, I have a better understanding of exactly what happened.
In the blog, you also said your mom would walk you to the altar, what led you to this decision?
I can’t imagine it any other way. For such a long time, she was both mom and dad to me. It’s only natural … It’s like I’m shouting it out to the world, proudly, that, through the ups and downs, she’s the reason that I’m here today.
A good friend got married recently. What was it like seeing her walk down the aisle?
How super pretty the bride looked. How beautiful our friends were in the church. And how, unlike most girls, I never dreamed of getting married even as a kid. I never had the concept of a dream wedding. Haha! Not even of a princess-like wedding gown. If you ask me now, I’d say I’d be okay for as long as the music for my wedding march is beautiful!
How have you changed after four years in France?
I think more, I know more, I feel more, I share more.

What are your future plans?

Secret! Joke lang. After I graduate next year, I’d like to come back to Manila and focus on writing, acting, and music.
I can’t escape that. That’s where God is leading me, I guess. No matter what I do to avoid the industry, I’m always pulled back … At the end of the day, you have to feel and act from your gut nga raw, right?