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I Confess
Who’s afraid of the dark?
Bet you didn’t know that I was afraid of the dark.
That’s right!
It all happened the day I started to live my life in the limelight..Life in the limelight is not really all that it’s cut out to be. Some say it’s the price of fame. I think otherwise. Oh yes, there IS a price to pay. Fame is not the reward though. In my opinion, it is the EXCUSE.
Take my first taste of stardom for example, as I took my first step down the walk of fame. It all happened in the early 80’s when I found myself in a coaster, driving for hours, trying to reach the Holy Angel gym in Angeles City. Wow! What a rush! Imagine little ol’ me sitting in the 8th row, sandwiched in between the hottest stars the Philippines had to offer during that time.
Anyway, so there I was, just like the rest- listening to and reviewing my songs in my walkman (no ipods at that time)..It seemed like forever, and yet I could already taste the glory. I was not sure I was nervous or car sick. I just knew my walk in to the limelight was about to begin.
Finally, we get there, inching our way to the front of the gymnasium through an ocean of screaming fans. Wow! This was it! My moment had finally arrived. The first of many big stars to get off the coaster was a guy named Marco Sison. The girls went nuts! (Even a couple of guys as I recall, which was a first for me!) After Marco, a dance group, and then more big names, who were practicallyswallowed by the adoring fans. At this point, my heart was racing and I could barely hear myself think, let alone hear my name being chanted. As I got up to gather my things, I slowly made my way to open the door. With each step, my heart rate increased. So did the fear factor by the way, but I was ready! I took my first step down and poked my face in to the sun.What happened next, I will remember for as long as I live.
The crowd’s noise level just got louder and louder. Was it my name they were screaming? Better believe me when I say, they were screaming their asses off! As I slowly raised my hand to give out my first "showbiz wave", who do you think did not wait his turn, and was standing right behind me? Gabby Concepcion!
And, that was that...
So, there you have it! My first day in the limelight, and it wasn’t even mine! I mean, come on! Could he not have repolished his shoes and remained unseen for just ten seconds longer? Maybe even read one more chapter in that paperback he was holding? Anything! Just give me a moment to have MY moment! Now, believe me when I say, what happened that day, my first day on the job, was not Gabby’s fault. He deserved the glory. Maybe I just came out to get mine a little too soon.
Fame is temporary. Success is a blessing, and you are only as big as the press allows you to be. Popularity? Well, that all depends on the people, not the person. Oh, and that very bright limelight? Well, let me tell you, it shines so bright sometimes, that I have to admit, now, I am afraid of the dark....The only thing that’s sure about life in the limelight is that there will be darkness...unless of course, you shine from inside.

xxxx this article written by no less than Martin Nievera for the Manila Bulletin reminds me of the 80's. i think gabby's only 18 & he's the No. 1 male teen idol that time xxxx