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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Negrenses 'go gaga over Gabby

GABBY Concepcion's 'magic' good looks remain alive among his fans in Bacolod and Negros Occidental as thousands went '***' over him during his mall tour at SM City-Bacolod Saturday afternoon.

"It's unbelievable that more than 1,500 shoppers from all walks of life trooped to the Event Center (of SM City) just to see Gabby Concepcion," said Lorena Quizan-Martinez, SM public relations officer.

Compared to other showbiz personalities who visited SM City-Bacolod since last year, Martinez said Gabby drew the crowds.
Aside from around 1,500 who crowded the Event Center, Martinez said: "These don't include yet the crowd along the streets and even at the airport in Silay who mobbed the actor."

Concepcion's tour at SM City Bacolod was the fifth in his Visayas-Mindanao (VisMin) tour for SM Supermalls nationwide, aimed at promoting his return to show business, including his soon-to-be shown teleserye with ABS-CBN together with Claudine Barreto, Diether Ocampo, Susan Roces and Jaime Fabregas, among others.

With his down-to-earth attitude, Concepcion didn't fail his fans in Bacolod during his one-hour performance on stage, singing three of his favorite songs, including 'Tanging Ikaw', 'Paminsan-Minsan Lang' and 'Endless Love'.

While on stage, Concepcion also breached protocol by allowing some of his lady fans to climb on stage, hug, kiss, and do a duet with him.

Others also brought old photographs and posters of the actor while many of Concepcion's avid fans kneeled on the floor just to get a picture of him.

"It's good to be back here in the country after 13 years of staying in the States and it's also good to note that Bacolod and Negros still welcome me with open arms," the actor said on stage, adding: "Thank you, thank you for your warm welcome."

Concepcion told local media in a press conference that he couldn't really believe the turnout in Bacolod, which gathered a multitude of people. "For me, it's a gratifying moment that people not only here in Bacolod but also in other parts of the country still accept me."

He, however, clarified that his comeback in the country was not meant for him to also return to showbiz. "I went home because my dad is sick. And it's a mortal sin for me if he dies later and I am not on his side."

But Concepcion admitted his well-publicized comeback also led him to showbiz again with ABS-CBN and its sister company Star Cinema offering him an exclusive contract for movies and teleseryes.

Concepcion, though, clarified he can still make a movie with GMA Films together with Jolina Magdangal because it already has a signed contract prior to his comeback. "ABS-CBN knew it and they also gave me a go signal to consummate that contract with GMA 7, so there's no problem anymore."

The actor asked his Negrense and Bacoleņo fans to support his teleseryes and upcoming movies.

Formerly dubbed as a "womanizer" in showbiz, Concepcion was a former husband of Megastar Sharon Cuneta-Pangilinan and the father of model-turned-actress KC (Kristina Cassandra) Concepcion.

His romance with businesswoman Grace Ibuna, model Jenny Sequia, beauty queens Anjannette Abayari and Dindi Gallardo, among others, also made Concepcion "more hotter" in the Philippine showbiz during the early 90s

"I thank all my ex-girls for still being receptive of me and for being friendly with me also," quipped Concepcion. "Now, I promised to spend more time with my family and probably do some apostolic or charitable works for children, including the conduct of some medical missions anywhere in the country."

Asked if there's a possibility that he could also make a movie with Cuneta or with his daughter KC, Concepcion said: "If everything goes well, why not?"

On doing sexy movies in the future, the actor said: "Well, it depends on the movie. But if it's really too sexy, I'll just consult my daughters first."

He added that he maintained his good looks and physique despite him being 45 years old "by simply having a big heart for everybody and by just eating a lot of vegetables and fish and staying away from rice and beef, among other carbohydrate-rich foods." (Erwin Ambo Delilan)




"Iisa Pa Lamang" is Gabby's first TV series


After his controversial comeback, actor Gabby Concepcion is starting his life and new career in local showbiz. He is now preparing for his first television series on ABS-CBN entitled "Iisa Pa Lamang."

The confirmation of the project was made by his newest talent manager Rose Flaminiano.

"Oo, kumpirmado na iyong television series at sa May 2, Friday ang first taping day namin at siguro mga last week of June ang airing ng series," Flaminiano told

Flaminiano added that Concepcion will be working with the brightest stars of the Kapamilya network like Claudine Barretto, Diether Ocampo, Angelica Panganiban and the "Queen of Philippine Movies", Susan Roces.

Flaminiano said Concepcion is very pleased with his new project. "He was amazed and this is his first television series. Nagkaroon na kami ng pag-uusap and he likes it very much. Maganda siya, maganda ang istorya."

She said the series is an original story and not a remake of the 1992 movie starring Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta.

"Parang si Gabby ay mag-isang pag-ibig lang at may ibang may gusto sa kanya, doon iinog ang istorya. Yung song ay yun pa ding "Iisa Pa Lamang" na kinanta ni Joey Albert pero yung story ay hindi remake o base doon sa pelikula ni direk Jose Javier Reyes," she said.

Flamiano said that for the series, Concepcion will be attending acting workshops and from May 2 onwards, the actor will be spending his Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays taping the series.

"Sa May 2 din ang airing ng kanyang "Maalaala Mo Kaya" at same day naman ay yung first taping nya for the television series... ang kakanta ng theme song ng series ay si Lani Misalucha," she said.



Gabby Concepcion’s second wind
CHANNEL SURFING By Althea Lauren Ricardo
Tuesday, April 8, 2008 -

One of the prodigal sons of Philippine showbiz, Gabby Concepcion, is back home and receiving some sort of wild reception that surprises even him. It surely helps that he's still looking every bit of the matinee idol that he was in the 1980's. And he couldn't have come at a better time, though. KC Concepcion, his daughter with ex-wife Sharon Cuneta, is currently hot showbiz property.

One really late night a couple of weeks ago, I caught Music & Lyrics on cable TV. This movie, which put Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore together in a love team for the first time, follows the post-fame life of 1980's pop star Alex Fletcher (Grant) as he attempts to revive his career by writing a hit song for a new teen sensation. Desperate, he elicits the support of Sophie Fisher (Barrymore), a former creative writing student and current insecure writer who, in a meet cute, comes to his apartment to water his plants. Alex is on his second wind.

In one of their exchanges, Alex tells Sophie about his comeback. He describes how, after his group disbanded, he tried to establish his own career as a solo artist. It didn't go well, and he coasted along, until one day years later, he was invited to perform in a small party. He said some of his fans, now considerably older, received him very well, and from then on, at least when it came to smaller venues, it was as if he was never gone.

It was this exchange that came to my mind when I read in the newspaper that one of the prodigal sons of Philippine showbiz, Gabby Concepcion, is back home and receiving some sort of wild reception that surprises even him. His main reason for being here, he says, is to be here for his ailing father's birthday. But it surely helps that he's still looking every bit of the matinee idol that he was in the 1980's.

I caught him for the first time on Rated K over the weekend. In his interview with Korina Sanchez, he talked about how his first phone call with KC went and he was a little bit teary-eyed. It hit me how handsome he really is, with his baby face and red cheeks and all. In fact, I think he can give Aga Muhlach, who's one of the very few active ‘80s stars left and is currently being paired with today's hottest young stars who'd otherwise use po and opo with him, a run for his money.

It's also apparent that Gabby's on the mend. The years away become him, and maybe we can see added depth into his art. He was a fine actor. He could be even better now that he's experience a lot in his life. I hope it's all uphill from hereon.


Gabby Concepcion sparks 'Gabbymania!' at ABS-CBN; will do teleserye, films for Star Cinema


Are we seeing just the beginning of Gabbymania?  Less than 24 hours since actor Gabby Concepcion set foot in the
Philippines on Sunday--for the first time in 13 years --he already sent fans and production staff a-screaming when he came to ABS-CBN.

He sparked a mini-stampede at the studio where The Buzz was airing live, and even the usually grimly serious staff at the ABS-CBN central news desk--women and men--were reduced to a frenzy of giggles and digicam-and-cellphone cam-flashing when he dropped by the news room.

confirmed in his interview over The Buzz on Sunday that he already spoke to Malou Santos, managing director of Star Cinema (the film production outfit of ABS-CBN) and he was already offered two film projects.

He added that ABS-CBN has also offered him a teleserye.

It is undeniable proof of
Concepcion's star power--his thirteen years away from show business notwithstanding. Thirteen years away from show business seem to have done very little to diminish Concepcion
's romantic leading man looks.

In fact, The Buzz host Boy Abunda's first question to the actor at the interview was, "Bakit ang guwapo mo (Why are you so good-looking)?"
had to pause for a beat and mumbled something about genetics.

Indeed, the actor is several pounds heavier and age is already evident on the face that was first discovered some two decades ago as a model for a toothpaste commercial.

But his winning smile and finely-chiseled features remain. Whatever roughness that maturity and hardships have etched on his once boyishly handsome features only seems to have heightened his appeal.

left the country in 1995, several months after the 1994 Manila Film Festival scandal where he returned his Best Actor trophy after it was found out that the real winner of the award was, in fact, Edu Manzano.

was the one who blew the whistle on his then manager Lolit Solis, whom he tagged as the mastermind behind an attempt to fraudulently proclaim him and then young actress Ruffa Gutierrez as the winners in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories.

"Nung umalis ako nung '95, nilagay ko na yon sa likod ko (When I left in '95 I left everything behind me. Yon, sabi ko I think I need to move on. Not everyone has the chance to succeed in show business. I felt I had my time)," he told Abunda.

In the
United States, Concepcion used whatever savings he had from his very successful Philippine showbiz career to study at Lincoln University. He finished two degrees simultaneously then went into the real-estate business. He eventually became one of the top ten real estate brokers in the US state of California

He said that for the longest time, he was dead set on never returning to the

"Ayaw ko na
bumalik. Maraming nangyari. Nasaktan ako. Hindi ko na rin naisip na babalik akong Pilipinas," he told Abunda.

(I never wanted to come back. Too much had happened. I was very hurt. I never thought of coming back to the Philippines)

Concepcion said that he felt compelled to return for the sake of his father Rolly, who is suffering from a heart condition. It has become serious enough for his father to become wheelchair-bound.

"Dumami ang dahilan kung bakit kailangan kong umuwi. Dahil sa ama ko. Maysakit na siya sa puso. Hindi ko pwedeng sabihin sa sarili ko na well ganyan ang buhay. Idadasal ko na lang. Pag may nangyari sa kanya hindi ko mapapatawad ang sarili ko," he said.

(The compelling reasons for me to come back piled up. My dad has heart disease. I can't just tell myself that that's life and then pray about it. If anything happens to him I won't be able to forgive myself.)

also clarified an issue of his supposed welching on a contract with GMA Films for a movie with Jolina Magdangal. The actor said that he is still committed to the project, except that there's "slight conflict" that has to be resolved.

The actor also admitted that part of the "slight conflict" is the emphasis that the movie would place on him. He explained that since any film he would do with GMA would be his comeback movie, he would want such a film to have greater focus on him.

"Maraming dahilan eh. Kung ito nga ay magiging comeback. it has to be a comeback kasi kung hindi ko magiging comeback, bakit ko gagawin?" he said.

(There are several reasons. If this would be a comeback for me, it has to really be a comeback. Because if it isn't, why would I bother doing it?)

The actor then said that he already spoke with the GMA Films executives and clarified that he is still honoring his contract for the movie with Magdangal.

Movie with KC and

Concepcion also expressed great interest in someday making a movie with his ex-wife Sharon Cuneta, his daughter KC or a movie with all three of them together.

Sharon has been part of my life. Of course I’d like to do a movie with her. I'd love to do a movie with KC.  She's my daughter after all. Sharon
is the mother of my daughter; it would be nice if we could do something together.

"Maraming intrigang papasok dyan. Katulad nga ng sabi ni
paglalaruan lang. Pero kung maiiwasan natin yan why not, you know?  Gumawa tayo, ipakita natin sa tao, tutal yon ang gusto nila," he said.

(I know there would be a lot of intrigues. Like what
said, some people could just make a circus out of the whole thing. But if we could find a way to prevent that from happening, why not? Let's make the movie because that's what people would love to see.)

also said that he's very happy about his coming projects with ABS-CBN although there aren't any specifics as of yet. "I'm very excited about the projects kasi, I know kung paano gumawa ang Channel 2 (I know how good Channel 2 is at that sort of thing)."

Peace with Lolit
He also revealed that he is now on good terms with his former manager Lolit Solis. He said that he and Solis patched things up in
Las Vegas
, when they both went there to watch Manny Pacquiao's last fight.

"Wala na kaming tampuhan ni Lolit. In fact, nagkita kami sa
Las Vegas
. Nagulat nga ako na lumapit sya sa akin. Nag-usap kami na-settle namin yon on the spot.  Sabi niya, "O sige bati na tayo. Pahingi ng 100 dollars.'  Buti meron akong 100 dollars. Kung hindi baka hindi pa kami nag-bati," he said, laughing.

(There's no more bad blood between me and Lolit. If fact, we met in
Las Vegas
. I was surprised that she approached me. We talked and settled everything on the spot. She said, "We're okay now. Now give me a hundred dollars. Good thing I had a hundred dollars on me or else we wouldn't have patched things up.)

Abunda then asked if
is aware whether his ex-wife still has any gripes or grudge against him.

"Meron nga ba? Well, siguro sa mga naririnig natin
may galit siya sa akin. But that's all in the past. Kung ano man ang kasalanang nagawa ko sa kanya o kahit kanino, nandito ako para humingi ng pagpapatawad. So let's put all the issues behind us now. I'm not here para mang-intriga. Nandirito ako to start a new life," he replied.

(Does she really? Well, before I used to hear from others that she's angry at me. But that's all in the past. Whatever mistakes I made, whomever I offended before whether it's Sharon or someone else, I'm here to ask for forgiveness. I want to start a new life.)

Humbling lesson
The actor told Abunda that his experience of going from a showbiz superstar to hitting rock-bottom in the
United States
was a very humbling one.

"On my part, the
United States
is very humbling. Dun ako natutong wala kang alalay. Wala kang kasama ikaw gagawa lahat. Walang tutulong sa iyo maliban ang sarili mo. Dun ko nakita na sadsad ka pero babangon ka rin dahil sa sarili mong gawa. Yun mapagpagaralan mo yon. Mangyayari lang yon at mararamdaman mo lang yon pag napadpad ka don."

(It was in
United States
that I learned to live life without any assistants. Over there you have to do everything yourself. No one will help you except yourself. I experienced what it's like to fall on your face and then get up again using your own hard work. You'll learn that only when you go through it and feel it when you find yourself in that same place.)

He also thanked all the Filipinos in the
United States
who helped him out when he was starting to build his own life, away from the glamour, fame and comforts of a showbiz career.

"Mahaba ang 13 years. Unang-una gusto kong magpasalamat sa kapwa Pilipino natin na nasa Amerika na nagtiwala sa akin nung ako'y pumasok sa real estate. Sila rin ang tumatawag at sila rin ang napagbebentahan ko. At pinagkatiwalaan nila ako. Sino ba itong artista na ito na may nalalalaman sa real estate?  Pinagkatiwalaan nila ako," he said.

(Thirteen years is a long time. I give my thanks first to all our fellow Filipinos in
America who trusted me when I went into real estate. They were the ones who called on me and they were the ones I sold property to. And they trusted me. I mean, it was good of them to give a chance to an actor who claimed to know about real estate. They trusted me.)






















Nine years after he left showbiz and the country, nothing seems to have changed. Gabby Concepcion, all of 41 years on November 5, still looks every bit the matinee idol.


He has on a neatly pressed, solid-blue long-sleeved shirt tucked flat into dark pants, its waistline marked by a slim belt. The whole look of him is crisp and clean and fresh. His hair is slicked back, just right for the slightly thinning head of hair, besides providing the perfect frame for what remains a movie-star profile.





(MODESTO, California) Gabriel Concepcion, REALTORŪ with Prudential California Realty (PCR)'s Stockton office, has achieved professional status as a Licensed Real Estate Broker. The Department of Real Estate (DRE) of the State of California issued the license in March 2007.  The announcement was made today by Craig C. Lewis, president and CEO of PCR.

Real Estate Brokers are required pass an extensive set of DRE examinations that test for real estate knowledge and real estate transaction skill. Broker licensees are required to pass eight classes and then the final Broker's License exam. The State of California allows Real Estate Brokers to transact business as their own entity, whereas Real Estate Salesperson licensees are required to transact business as a Broker's agent. Real Estate Brokers who choose to affiliate with another Broker rather than run their own firm are referred to as "Broker Associates."

Concepcion joined PCR in 2003 and has more than seven years experience in the real estate industry.  He specializes in residential real estate and excels in Buyer brokerage and Seller representation for referrals and relocations. He has received the Chairman's Circle Gold, Leading Edge Society, Honor/Honour Society, Diamond Club award and the Newcomer of the Year award for 2004. Concepcion has also achieved his eCertification designation and is Relocation Certificated. He holds bachelor's degree in International Business Administration from Lincoln University in Oakdale, California and speaks Tagalog and Spanish.

"In a relatively short period of time, Gabriel has proven to be a leader in the real estate industry and is an asset to the organization," said Craig C. Lewis, president/CEO of PCR. "His hard work, determination and dedication to his profession shine through in everything he does."




The day Gabby & Ginbee got married




It’s an even more special day to Gabby Concepcion and Genevieve "Ginbee" Yatco Gonzalez because they are celebrating their third wedding anniversary — quietly again, I suppose, just like their wedding three years ago in Stockton, California


The Philippine Star

It’s a special day because some 45 million Filipinos are expected to troop to the polls to elect a new set of senators, congressmen and local officials.

It’s an even more special day to Gabby Concepcion and Genevieve "Ginbee" Yatco Gonzalez because they are celebrating their third wedding anniversary — quietly again, I suppose, just like their wedding three years ago in Stockton, California.

On this page and the next are photos of that memorable day, published for the first time, thanks to The STAR’s L.A. correspondent Baby K. Jimenez (or simply BKJ) who happens to be a close friend of Ginbee’s mom Nini Yatco-Gonzalez who, according to BKJ, "is the cousin of my first cousin Nina Jimenez-Almeda."

The girls belong to a barkada, all from Biņan, Laguna, together with character actress Tessie Batista-Villarama (wife of Willie Villarama, former congressman of Bulacan).

"We used to roller-skate together at the Rizal Monument Plaza," recalled Baby in her note to Funfare, e-mailed along with the photos of Gabby and Ginbee. "We grew up watching the handsome and dashing young doctor Jorge Garcia (father of Iza Calzado’s boyfriend Gerry Garcia) play basketball. Jorge’s team even played against that of FPJ whom I invited to Biņan for an exhibition. The combos that played at our parties in Biņan included the Hi-Jacks, Orly Ilacad and The Ramrods and The Tiltdown Men (senatoriable Tito Sotto among the members)."

This recollection is relevant to how Funfare got the "exclusive" wedding photos. Last February, BKJ came home purposely to watch the concerts of Paul Williams and Cliff Richard, and she and Nini saw each other again at a family reunion held at BKJ’s late uncle Ambassador Privado Jimenez’s residence in Ayala Alabang.

"As promised," said BKJ, "Nini brought with her Gabby and Ginbee’s wedding album and I asked for a few copies. Nini, who comes from a wealthy family, was widowed young and I didn’t know until much later that she’s the mom of Gabby’s wife."

Ginbee attended grade school at Assumption and finished college at De La Salle University.

"According to Nini," BKJ said, "Gabby and Ginbee’s wedding was very private, with only family members (mostly on Ginbee’s side) and very few close friends present. Walang taga-showbiz. It was held in the morning of May 14, 2004, at the Presentation Catholic Church in Stockton, California. The reception followed at Wine and Roses Hotel in Lodi, also in California, 10 miles away from the church."

Gabby and Ginbee used to live in Daly City. They have moved to San Ramon, also in California, where they have a huge plushy residence.

That, I presumed, must be the same house where KC Concepcion, Gabby’s daughter with ex-wife Sharon Cuneta, stayed for one week when she and her dad were reunited after 10 long years. KC was quoted in interviews that she found her stepmother (Ginbee, that is) amazing.

"When I got there," KC recounted in an interview with Marie Claire magazine, "he had pictures of me as a baby, framed, or when I was five, framed. I’m surprised he has a lot of them. And that’s not something you can pull out of nowhere just because I’m coming. He kept them all these years."

Gabby and Ginbee don’t have a child of their own. Early last year, Ginbee was reported to be "infanticipating" but the story turned out to be false.







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