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Gabby's Message

Gabby's Message

Photo - courtesy of Mr. Gabby Concepcion

Good NEWS!
I'd like to thank my favorite actor Gabby Concepcion 
for taking time out to reply to my email.
Thanks Gab! :)
Mitch (the one who did the Biography Section) and I are both smiling from ear to ear :)
I'm posting here what Gabby wrote for all his Fans (like ME) to read.
Gabriel Concepcion wrote on
October 22, 2006 at 4:29 pm:
YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME! To everyone who was kept in the dark with what was going on with me and wondered where I am or what I've done or what in heavens I’m doing, well... here I am... I'm still ALIVE with a BIG SMILE from ear to ear!

I want you all to know that I’ve seen and love the website Garci, AKA 'Mary' painstakingly worked on. She has dearly spent endless and valuable hours doing this precious website which I admit, I enjoy! It does look like she’s worked on this endlessly. Don’t stop now. I’m here to see what’s going on out there too.
Reading everything everyone has to say keeps things real. I like knowing and reading everyone’s thoughts. We are all blessed to hear everyone say a little something. What’s good is that it all came from the bottom of our hearts, right? I THANK YOU ALL, AGAIN. It’s refreshing to hear everybody say things about me and the things I have done.

To EVERYONE: You all had something honorable and exceptional to say about my achievements. You all probably remember words of wisdom from your grandparents? You all made me remember what my Lolo and Lola once said, “If you have nothing good to say about someone, don’t say it”. You are all good children. You remember!!!???
If everyone in the world were half as kind as you, we’d have a better place to live in! BIG HUG to ALL!!!

Everybody’s participation, responses, comments and contribution keep us ALIVE! We are all blessed to have each other. It will take some time to answer questions from so many but I will get to them. Just give me a little time.

In my letter to Mary, I mentioned that when I first saw the site; I had to stop everything I was doing. It was an honor. I did mention to KC that Mary did something not many would have started. She looked at the site and said, WOW! Mary, keep it up. From the deepest part of my heart, I appreciate your loyalty and thank you for the dedication. You are one in a million.

I will always remember vaguely the memories less desirable and vividly, the memories worth remembering in my youthful 13 years in Philippine Cinema. Indeed, it has set a milestone in my life. Life moves so fast. Life and Time is fleeting. Because of this, I believe we will and can forget valuable moments especially if we do not capture those moments in some form of photo/print or picture. Because of pictures, I can remember wonderful forgotten events in my life in this business. Perhaps the compilation and contribution of pictures thru this website may find me surprised that a great life was lost because of memory deletion or selective memory took over. True enough, I have enjoyed some of the pictures Mary has posted on the GALERY. Please send pictures with YOU and if you have some from the shootings, tapings, shows, clippings or events of ‘the times.’

However, I have chosen a quiet and less complicating life in the UNITED STATES, away from the intrigue of the Philippine showbiz circus. I would like to let everyone know; especially those who have written and those who are shy to write from all over the world, that I appreciate your support and never ending HOPE to see me back in the ARENA.
I will pray and HOPE that some of our questions be answered.

After all that…Who knows?

Thank you all for keeping me fresh in your memories.


Gabriel Concepcion
AKA Gabo